Getting back into shape


My journey from fat to fitness

So I might not be the most out of shape guy in the world. Some would even look at me and say I’m a little on the fit side. But that is only because I used to look like a Greek god. Not being facetious or egotistical there either. I was in superb shape a couple years ago. I never once missed a workout, a meal, or a supplement I was supposed to be taking, so a lot of that muscle stuck around. But like most things in life, my routine didn’t last.

former self mohawk.png
This was me, in 2015. 215 lbs.

Life happened. I got back together with my ex girlfriend who is now my fianc√©, I switched jobs a couple times (more on that in another blog), I got a dog, I moved in with my fiance, a lot of stuff happened. Basically, I went from a single male in his 20’s with minimal responsibilities to a 30 year old engaged male with a home, a steady job, and boatloads of responsibility. I’m not making excuses either. There are people who make that work for them. They grind and make their schedule their bitch. It all came what seemed like so sudden, that I had no course of action when it all went down. Now that I have a firm grasp on my schedule day to day, I can make time once again for what became one of my biggest passions in life. Fitness. That’s where this weekly blog will come into play.

I plan on posting pictures, video, and at least an article every week, detailing what I’m eating, what I’m working out, and how I’m feeling through the entire process. I think I will keep track of it for probably 3 months, or 12 weeks depending how you look at it. This will be a good thing to coincide with the podcast, and Youtube page. So without further ado (I hate that term, but it works here), here’s looking at week 1 of my fitness journey!

Week 1

Monday, May 1st, 2017:

So far, so good. It’s 12:49 pm, and I just finished technically my 3rd meal of the day, which was tuna, rice, and banana peppers. My first two meals were shakes I made this morning, one before the gym, and the other for after. For as much as I, and much of the world hate on tuna for it’s taste, it is a very light protein. I don’t feel bogged down, or tired after eating like a lot of meals make you. I am content, but not full. I also hard boiled 18 eggs yesterday, that will act as a snack between meals for now. The eventual goal will be to take in roughly 8-10 meals, all of which will be carb heavy (30-50 grams or so), moderate protein (at least 20 grams per), and moderate fats, but only the good fats.

I think right now, I’m on the track of probably taking in 6-7 meals, but I know that will increase as my activity in the gym does. This week is all about getting back into the swing of things. I’m not worrying ¬†about throwing up a ton of weight in the gym, but just getting the motions down. Normally, I would do around 4-5 sets of each movement, but being as I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in about 2 months, I started this week off with 3 sets of each movement.

5-1-2017 fitness journey
Week 1. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Something I haven’t done in about 5 years, I started this week as well. I’m going to do 20 minutes of stairmaster cardio at the end of every workout. I also do about 20 minutes of ab work after each workout daily as well. Now you’re not supposed to work the same muscle group every day, but I alternate my ab work between my upper, lower, mid section, and sides, so not every muscle is being actively engaged daily.

I do know that 3 sets of every movement is definitely going to leave me sore for the week. I would imagine the general soreness is going to persist for about a month or two, as it has in the past. This first week to probably two weeks will be all about getting my body used to resistance training again. I will taking in a lot more water to keep myself hydrated and loose.

Supplements. As far as supplements go, I’ve never been one to overdo it on them. I’m not a huge fan of creatine, as it just makes the body retain more water. I’ve got back on the BCAA’s and I picked up a tub of protein powder that is 20 grams of protein per scoop. Something I didn’t know until recently, if you take in more than 50 grams of protein at a time, your body doesn’t know what to do with it. You will either get rid of it (think the protein shits) or your body will convert it to glucose, or sugar, which is definitely not the path we want to take. I also will be using glutamine very gratuitously to subside the muscle soreness these first few weeks.

So I might check back in on Friday, and let everyone know how I’m feeling at the end of this week. For now, that’s where I’m at. I’m excited for the journey, and confident I will see it through. I already know that half the battle is consistency, not just in the gym, but with diet as well. I’m pretty strong willed when it comes to diet, so I have no worries there. My main concern is just being tired. I will let you guys know how I feel after the first week is over.

That’s it for now, I’ll see you guys soon.



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