A Little Bit of a Setback

So it’s been a little under 3 weeks since my last post about my return to fitness. A lot has changed in that 3 weeks. A lot. My life has basically shifted. Long story short, I’m no longer engaged to be married.

At first, it was a huge monumental blow to my psyche. First of all, I was out of a place to live. Secondly, my whole way of living was changing. But change is a constant thing in life. You can either let it wreck your life, or embrace it. After a week or two of soul searching, I’m back on track.

As I write this, it’s Sunday. On Tuesday of this week, I rejoined an old gym I used to go to, Club Fitness. I’m not a huge fan of chain gyms, and Club Fitness in particular is pretty bad. There’s no shortage of beautiful women always working out there, which would be fine, but it in turn brings along the creeps that spend an hour sitting at a machine staring at the girls. So like I said, not necessarily my first choice for a gym, but I needed something constant in my life again. Since I had missed the previous 3 weeks of training, I was basically starting from scratch.

After training chest on Tuesday, I rolled into Wednesday for a back routine. My pecs were already sore to the touch, but I managed to get some blood into my lats and rhomboids all the same. For now, since I’m just getting back into things, I’m limiting myself to 3-4 sets of 3-4 movements for bigger body parts. That’s more than enough to break down muscle tissue.

By Friday, I had completed chest on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, and was ready to kill my legs. There’s some things that people tend to forget in life, but the pain of leg day never goes away. Like I said previously, today is Sunday, and I’m still having trouble walking. I skipped arms since they’re a smaller body part, and my arms respond well to little training anyways. I made the decision to take Saturday and Sunday off from the gym to allow my body to recover a bit. There’s nothing worse than just starting an exercise routine and missing crucial gym time because you pushed it too hard and didn’t give your body time to recover. I’ve had it happen before, but this time, I’m older and a little wiser.

I know in the last post I had laid out a barebones set list of what body parts I’m working and what days, but I think I’m going to play it by ear. Consistency is going to be the key. I already know that much.

As far as supplementation, I’m taking One-A-Day for my multivitamin, a CLE supplement that I purchased from bodybuilding.com, a potassium pill, and Hydroxycut, as I have experienced great results from it in the past.

I kind of came into this post a little unprepared. I don’t have any progress pictures handy, but I will more than likely keep this blog much more updated in the coming weeks. For now, I just wanted to break the silence, and let everyone know that I’m back at it. I look forward to letting everyone know of my progress in the coming weeks!




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